Welcome to the Biddeford Food Pantry

Since 1981 the Biddeford Food Pantry has been focused on helping the citizens of Biddeford, Maine in the fight against hunger. We treat each client with respect and dignity. No matter the circumstances we are here to help!

Below you will find the answers to some frequently asked questions.

What kinds of food will I receive?

While the actual items you will receive may vary due to supply, our goal is to provide you with:

  • One large grocery bag of non-perishable items (canned soups, canned veggies, canned fruits, pasta sauce, rice, beans, etc.) filled to capacity.
  • One large banana box containing assorted breads, frozen meats, yogurts, potatoes, oatmeal, juices, hotdogs, muffins and other items filled to capacity.
  • One large grocery bag of pastries, juices, oils, condiments, marinades, misc. items.
  • Two Gallons of bottled water and One Gallon of Milk.

How much food will I receive?

We provide each client with approximately 3 weeks of food per once a month visit. The actual quantity of food given is determined by the number of people that are being fed, for example, one person vs. a family of four.

Who may visit the pantry?

Since 1981, The Biddeford Food Pantry has been focused on helping the citizens of Biddeford, Maine in the fight against hunger. We serve a mix of low-income people whom may be elderly, single mothers with children, mentally and physically impaired, have health issues, transient or homeless people, new immigrants now living in Maine, or even those in need of emergency food rescue due to unpredictable life situations. These people are often unemployed, or under employed and even have full time jobs but just have a hard time financially making ends meet based on their monthly income level.

I'm new, what do I need to bring on my first visit?

Proof of residency of Biddeford, Maine by showing us rental agreements, utility bills, drivers licenses. etc. Our new clients sometimes have a brief interview by the Pantry Manager to determine their level of need for food assistance. The individual circumstances varies greatly, from people needing temporary assistance to making ends meet or to those that are on social services like Maine Care, Social Security, or Medicaid. Our mission is to provide ALL people seeking food to not leave the pantry empty handed.

How often may I visit the pantry?

You may visit the pantry once a month.

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